Clementina Support Services provides expert care and support to assist people to live independently at home.


We support carers by providing a helping hand so that carers can focus on other important things like taking some time for themselves. It can be daunting to acknowledge when a carer, and your family member, is in need of support.

We match you with a fully trained support worker to assist with daily tasks. Your support worker will fit into your life and respect your space and dignity at all times.


Clementina Support Services provides support to carers by way of a Sit In and Companionship service.


We support carers of:

  • People diagnosed Dementia, 

  • Adults with mild cognitive impairments,

  • Adults who are lonely isolated and are in need of companionship,

  • Adults who need support when they are discharged from hospital,

  • People who are recovering from a stroke.


We are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide domiciliary care services.

We pride ourselves in offering the service to carers and service users for as long as they need it without the restrictions of time. We provide a person centred approach. We are established specialists in the field. Our well-trained staff can be trusted to take good care of your loved ones. 



£18.50 Monday to Friday,

£20.50 Saturday and Sunday,

£27.50 on Bank Holidays.

"Our lives have been made a lot better in that my mother has been able to go out and do her shopping, banking etc without a worry of leaving dad at home plus with knowing that she can do so with confidence that he will be cared for well whilst she is out"

S Desouza 2015


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